Past News (May 2007)

May 30th

Do you know what day it is today? [No Smoking Day] is the answer. As I donft smoke, I really donft know how hard it is to quit smokingc One of my friends smokes 3 packs of cigarette a day, and he says he will never stop smoking. But, hold oncHow much does he spend for cigarettes a day? 3 packs a day = 900yencso he spends 328,500yen. Wowcthatfs a lot of money, right? I donft say you should quit smoking, but how about trying to cut down for your health? (Risa)

May 29th

It is already the end of May. How fast it is! Time goes so fast. Have you been having fun this year so far? Have you accomplished something? What are you going to do the rest of 2007? It is time to think about those things and imagine full of happiness and fun for the rest of your 2007.@Have a wonderful life! (Tomoe)


May 28th

How was your weekend? Friends and I went to dinner on Saturday night. We were heading to a café/restaurant [Café Independent] on Sanjo Street, but it was already reserved by a big group – actually itfs one of my favourite cafes in Kyoto. And then, we moved to an Italian restaurant [Slow]cbut there were only a couple of seats at the counter left, so we gave up because we were a group of 4 people. HmmcI remembered I went to a BBQ restaurant [Kamerin] in the back street near Shijo Karasuma a few years agocso we headed to the place. We finally found a table for us there. We ordered some seafood and veggies – healthy huh? – and grilled them over charcoal. Although we were covered with smoke, we enjoyed the dinner. Actually it was a birthday dinner for my good friend, Ayano. Happy birthday again & Sorry for the delay! P.S. I took the photo below...but it's too small...they are scallops...(Risa)


May 25th

I went to TOKYO by SHINKANSEN yesterday. I was wondering how many people can have a seat each car? And I have figured it out just now it says each car can has 100 seats and NOZOMI (type of shinkansen) has 16 cars so that the total comes 1600 seats!? Wow! It is bigger than an air plane!! Also Shinkansen departs frequently specifically, more than subway in Kyoto. What a system! Well I hope JR develop 100% eco SHINKANSEN. By the way TOKYO has a special atmosphere donft you think? It inspired me somehow. (Tomoe)


May 24th

Itfs hot in Kyoto todayc According to the weather forecast, the temperature will go up to 30 degrees. I like summer much better than winter, but I wonder if we have extremely hot summer this year againc (Risa)

May 22nd

I forgot to talk about Aoi Festival which took place a week ago. Amidst the fresh greenery, the parade route was filled with 32000 people at noon, according to Kyoto Prefectural Police figures, who were fascinated with the reproduction of an elegant Heian Period procession. It set out from the Kenrei-mon Gate of the Kyoto Imperial Palace at 10:30am. The 700-metre long parade was made up of 511 participants, as well as 40 horses and oxen. As the members of the main procession, with its core of imperial retainers and elegant ladiesf procession advanced, they waved Futaba Aoi or hollyhock leaves, the symbol of the festival. The wooden wheels of ox carts trimmed with wisteria flowers, squeaked as they proceeded along. The procession reached Shimogamo Shrine by midday. A service was held there, after which they set out for Mamigamo Shrine. The Aoi Festival is an occasion where the emperorfs servants and messengers worship at Shimogamo and Kamigamo Shrines by the Emperorfs order. In early times, the festival was known as Kamo-matsuri ot the Kamo Festival, but its name was changed in the Edo period. If youfre interested in the festival, please come and see next year! (Risa)


May 21st

Howfs your weekend? I really enjoyed it. I went to KYOTO walking tour with my friend. We started it from sanjo and walked along KAMO river and headed for DEMACHI YANAGI then we had a glass of wine. Then turn to east for GINKAKUJI temple, and we walked philosopherfs path to NANZENJI temple. And then to HEIAN JINGU. After all we ended up at Sanjo again. We had so much fun! (Tomoe)


May 17th

Do you remember I made a promise to post a photo of Starbucks noryoyuka (patio over water)? Yes, it is ages agoc I finally took the photo – actually Tomo didc When we went to the Starbucks the other day, we got a brochure from one of the staff. It says 6 rules for using the Kamogawa noryoyuka.

1, Please limit use to one hour when others are waiting 2, Please do not reserve space on the floor 3, No smoking allowed or any other use of fire 4, No pets allowed 5, No studying allowed!!! 6, Please do not let your children out of your sight.

Theyfre very easy rules, right? I think it would be a completely new coffee experience that combines the rich culture of coffee with the tradition of Kyoto. Itfs open from 11:30-22:00(May&Septemer) and 16:00-22:00(June-August). (Risa)


May 16th

Rainy season will start soon. It annoys me. Hokkaido is an only place where does not have a rainy season. I used to live there for 6 years and I am used to a dry climate but nowcI like an rainbow though.(Tomo)


May 15th

A friend and I went to a cosy café by the Kamogawa after we had lunch on Sunday. We luckily grabbed our seats in the terrace space. We enjoyed beautiful white wine while feeling an early summer breeze. It was a perfect day for fresh white wine! (Risa)


May 14th

Yesterday was motherfs day, Did you say thank you and love you to your mom? Different countries celebrate Mother's Day on various days of the year because the day has a number of different origins. We celebrate 2nd Sunday of May in Japan and usually we give our mom a bouquet of carnations. (Tomo)


May 10th

Ummcitfs a difficult question, Tomo. It is very hard to pick one, but I love simple vegetable dishes. Fresh vegetables give me some power or energy. Some of you might agree with mec Every time I visit a foreign country, I find it very interesting to try their traditional food. There are more than 190 countries on the planet, and they have their own culture. Itfs so amazing, isnft it? Whatfs the reason you got attracted to Kyoto? (Risa)

May 9th

Yes Risa go girl! Talk to him!! There is a Japanese special saying that we have a near telepathic understanding each other. I do not think it works. We have to express ourselves. That is one of our cultures though it is called ISHIN-DENSHIN. Letfs talk about another culture, Japanese food is known for using plenty of grain, vegetables and fish. It is now considered a [healthy food] around the world, and is gaining more and more popularity. What is your favorite Japanese dish? (Tomo)@


May 8th

SORRY - I have been thinking if I should say this word to a friend. I usually apologize easily to get out of awkward situation. Also, I think I have a lot of patience, so I rarely feel so upset or angry – I mean I donft explode. But, this timecI canft compromise. Would you apologize in this situation even if you are 99% sure youfre not wrong? Yes? No? I never intend to destroy our relationship because he is one of my important friends, butcyou know what I mean? I guess we should have a good talk. That might help us get back on the right track. Do you guys agree with me? (Risa)

May 7th

Itfs almost summer! It is almost 25 degree centigrade today. As Risa mentioned you before it is time for YUKA. Check this out!! (Tomo)


May 2nd

Yuka (dining on a temporary veranda by the Kamo River) is one of summer feature in Kyoto. Lots of restaurants and bars set the verandas between Gojo and Nijo Streets. I had an expensive image of Yuka until a couple of years agocbut thatfs not true. There are quite a few casual restaurants and bars, so you can visit there with no hesitation. You just want to have a coffee? Yes, Starbucks by Sanjo Bridge has set the veranda since yesterday. Isnft it ideal to enjoy a good coffee, soaking up the sunshine? – I will take a photo and put it here after Golden Week. If you are so lucky to come to Kyoto from June to August, I recommend you to have dinner on the veranda feeling the cool night breeze. (Risa)

May 1st

Flying Carp Streamers (koinobori) are one of the traditional events in Japan. 5th of May has been traditionally called Children's Day in Japan.On this day parents who have a newborn baby boy celebrate their son's birth by flagging carp streamers in the sky. Even now, you can see carp streamers flying in the sky here and there especially in the countryside of Japan. (Tomo)