Past News
(September 2007)

Sep. 26th

So, did you get the answer? We went to Gunma/Nagano Prefecture on the mystery tour. We stayed at a hotel called Manza Kogen Hotel and relaxed in the hot springs. The hotel is located on the top of the mountain, so the air was so cool and nice. I liked it very much. We visited Karuizawa area on the next day and did shopping a bit. Unfortunately the weather wasnft so nice, but we had fun. I thought the tour is really good value for the price. I took a photo at Karuizawa, but sorry it doesnft look very Japanese! I am sillyc (Risa)


Sep. 25th

How was your weekend? Lucky us, we had a long weekend. I went on a bus trip with a friend. Have you ever heard of Mystery Tour? Do you have the similar one in your country? We donft know where to go and what to do/see before we get tour spots. Where do you think I went? I will give you the answer tomorrow, but here are the hints; apples, apricots, mushrooms and summer resort etc. Something came to your mind? (Risa)

Sep. 19th

Itfs already Wednesday, but can I ask if you had a good weekend? I went on a one-night trip to Mie prefecture on the weekend. I thought it would rain on Saturday and Sunday, but it wasnft too bad. We went hiking and got refreshed on Saturday morning, and then we headed to a hotel on the beach. We just relaxed the bath and massage at the spa after we checked in. I was a bit tired after a long drive, but it was a nice weekend. I will share the photos with you when they are ready. (Risa)

Sep. 14th

How is your week going so far? A half day to go here, and then we have a long weekend! Yay!!!!!! Ifm going on a trip to Mie prefecture from tomorrow. According to the weather forecast, it will be cloudy or rainyc Maybe I am a rain bringerc Anyway, September 17th is Senior Citizenfs Day here in Japan. Letfs show our respect for the contribution elderly people have made to the society! Hope you have a great weekend! (Risa)

Sep. 10th

How was your weekend? I went another hiking to Kurama / Kibune area on Sunday. I really didnft know before, but there are many hiking courses in that area. Wefre pretty lucky that we donft have to take a carcwe can go anywhere by train and walk around very easily. Autumn is coming in a few months, so I am already looking forward to enjoying the autumn colours. I visited lots of temples and shrines last autumn, but I think I will go hiking to mountains and enjoy the beautiful autumn colours this year. (Risa)

Sep. 7th

A big typhoon struck Tokai/Kanto area this week, and it has caused a lot of damagesc Ifm so sorry to hear that quite a few people were killed or injured by the typhoon. It is still moving northwards slowlycI hope therefs no more bad news over the weekendc Have a great weekend! (Risa)

Sep. 3rd

Did you have a neat weekend? Yes, I did. I went hiking with my parents on Sunday. My place – Daimonji-mountain (If you want to know more about Daimonji, check out the news on Aug. 16th) – Ginkakuji-temple – Philosopherfs path – Nanjenji-temple – Sanjo. We got a really good overall view of Kyoto city from the top of the mountain. We started the hike at 8:00 and got to Sanjo area at 12:10. It was a decent walk eh? I really needed/wanted to have a good exercise, so I was feeling very satisfied and refreshed after the hike. As it is getting cooler these days (finally!), I want to go for a hike more often. (Risa)