Past News
(October 2007)

October 18th

My workmate, Hiroko went to [Brumen Hugel Farm] in Shiga Prefecture on Sunday. The flowers of the photo were in full bloom. If you travel with kids, they might like to visit there. It is not a fancy amusement park, but itfs worth visiting for a change. The admission fees are cheap enough too – 800yen/adult, 400yen/child (peak season), 400yen/adult, free/child (shoulder season) Here is the information; (Risa)


October 17th

If you get sick of Japanese food, how about this restaurant [Gaspard Zin Zin] on Rokkaku Street? Itfs a very popular restaurant, so I recommend you to make a reservation in advancecbut you may have a chance if you go there at lunch time on weekdays. Look at the photo below. How much do you think it is? It is called Kidfs Meal for Grown-ups. It looks very neat, doesnft it? The lunch including beautiful dessert is only 1,000 yen!!! Would you like to try? I definitely would!!! (Risa)


Oct. 11th

I canft wait for the foliage season. Leaf colours are expected to change later than usual around Japan this year since the average temperature for September was relatively high. I think there are lots of people who look forward to seeing the autumn colours of Kyoto, right? If you are one of them, I recommend you to come to Kyoto in early December. Have you made your reservation at a hotel/ryokan for late November yet? If so, how about visiting the temples or shrines in the mountains? (Risa)

Oct. 10th

I love the scent of orange osmanthus. The blossoms are at their best in Kyoto now, so we can fully enjoy the fragrance here and there. I donft know why I like the blossom so much, but I guess thatfs because I can feel the coming of autumnc Kyoto is still quite warm for Octobercbut autumn is definitely there. Whatfs your favourite season?(Risa)

October 9th

Did you have a nice weekend? We had 3-day weekend here in Japan. It was National Sports Day yesterday, so sporting events/festivals were held here and there during the weekend. On Saturday, I went to see a friend living in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. It was the 1st time for me to visit Himeji, so my friend showed me around. Thank you, Nathan! You are a great tour guide! (Risa)


Oct 1st

How was your weekend? I went to Kobe for my birthday dinnercThank you, Ayano & Kanako! It was a fun night eh? Look at the photo below. What do you think it is for? My workmate, Hiroko enjoyed a BBQ inside the house last night. You usually have a BBQ outside, right? So, that seems strange to you? Looks too smoky??? Anyway, itfs pretty normal here. There are lots of BBQ places here in Japan, so it would be one optionyoufre your dinner when you come to Japan. (Risa)