Past News
(November 2007)

November 30th


How are you today? I had dinner with my workmates at an Italian restaurant gRobinsonh. The building seems to be a good old Kyoto town house, but it is refurbished really well. The room we had last night is superb with tatami and lights. We had a course menu; appetizer(chicken and olive), salad with ham, roasted pork with basil sauce, pizza, chicken with mustard-based-sauce, pasta Bolognese and dessert(passion fruit sherbet). We had drinks along with the course. By the time I had dessert, which usually the best part for me, I got really stuffed and couldnft eat that much. As I was so full, I decided to take a walk, and walked as far as I could go. In fact, just 2 stationsc But it was still a nice walk and helped me to feel better and sober. That was what I did yesterday. What are your plans for this weekend? I hope you have a good one.(Takashi)

Nov. 29th

The Kanji of the year will be chosen by the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society through a national ballot in Japan. The Kanji character with the most votes is selected to represent the events of that year, and is announced in a ceremony on the December 12th at Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. eDisasterf in 2004, elovef in 2005, and elifef in 2006cI want to show you those Kanjicbut I canft on this site, sorry!!! I wonder what Kanji will be chosen for this year. I just hope itfs not a sad onec(Risa)

November 28th

How is it going? I had a good weekend with my friend. We went to gNanzenjih, gHeian-Jinguh and gSanzen-inh. It was such a beautiful day that I felt the warm sunshine, which was just great!!! Maple

As you can see in the photo, maple trees at Nanzenji were really gorgeous. I didnft expect them that colorful, so they just took my breath away. At Nanzenji, therefs a huge canal made of stone, which carries the water from Lake Biwa to Kyoto. The canal is another good place to have a look.


On the way to Heian-Jingu, we bought 8 gTaiyakih and each of us had 4. I know it was way too much, but we couldfve eaten a horse back then. I hadnft had Taiyaki for ages, so I was really happy to have some. On Sunday, we went to Sanzen-in, but it was so crowded with people visiting there. Therefore, I didnft feel any tranquility or silence of the temple. It was a shame, but it was still nice to feel the atmosphere. I hope you have a good week!!! (Takashi)

Nov. 26th

How was your weekend? I had a good good good weekend. I had a visitor from Yamagata Prefecture (Northern part of Honshu Island) on Saturday and Sunday. We went to Tohukuji & Fushimi Inari on Saturday (We tried to go to illuminated Tenju-in at night, but there were too many peoplecso we couldnft get in) AND Kurama & Kibune & Mansyu-in on Sunday. I would say the Tofukuji was the best for the autumn colours, but I enjoyed the other temples and shrines too. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and walked a lot. Thank you Guy, I had a great time with you. Sorry Guy, your legs must be sooooooo tired today!!! (Risa)

Tofuku-ji Fushimiinari Kurama

November 21st

How has your week been going? Along Oike-Dori, there are some trees decorated with white & blue light bulbs. Hope therefre morec Anyways, it does feel like Christmas is coming!! Itfs just a month ahead. Isnft it crazy? Last year, I had a BBQ on Christmas Day in New Zealand. Now another onefs coming. Time flies and it is kind of freakish. Have you already planned something for Christmas? Ifll probably go snowboarding with my mates. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!! In Japan, we have a long weekend. (Takashi)

Nov. 20th

We have recently talked about autumn colours too much? Yes? Shall we change the topic, Takashi? (I will come back to the topic next week though). Time passes so quicklycand I canft believe that Xmas is coming in a month or so. When I walked in the town last weekend, I saw Christmas displays everywhere. How does your town look like now? How do you spend your Xmas this year? Unfortunately, we will be working on Xmas Dayc When I told the story to friends when I was New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, my friends felt so sorry for me and took me to the mountain to chop down a Xmas tree. We decorated the tree and had Xmas breakfast – It was a very early Xmas, but I enjoyed it a lot. Have you made any plans for Xmas yet? (Risa)

November 19th

Did you have a good weekend? My weekend was busy but nice & fun. My mum and I went white-water rafting on Saturday. We went to Kameoka (starting point) by a sightseeing train and came back to Kyoto by boat. The autumn leaves along the river have started turning red and yellow, so they were pretty beautiful. According to the weather reporter, they will be beautifully-coloured in a week or so. We have a long weekend from Friday, so I will definitely go somewhere for the autumn colours! (Risa)

kameoka autumn

November 15th

What are you up to? Itfs getting cold here in Kyoto. Everyone in the office has got a cold and some are still suffering from it. Ifm one of the unfortunate crewsc Today, finally the heater was turned on!! Anyway, when you come over to Japan, wrap yourself with warm clothes. :-) (Takashi)

November 13th

How has your week been going? While I was walking to the station this morning, I saw yellowish and reddish leaves along the river. Finally colors of autumn arrived here in Kyoto!! However, compared to the past, it seems late to see those leaves around this time of a year. I heard that in some places such as Nikko, this beautiful season has already gone. Isnft it a shame? Is it because of the Global Warming? Apart from this topic, it hailed in my home town which is in the northern Hyogo Prefecture. While I am waiting to see autumn leaves, it hailed in other places. Anyway, I hope you have a good week. Please take care of yourself. (Takashi)

November 12th

Did you have a good weekend? I was going to have a lazy weekend, but it turned to be pretty busy. I went to a NABE party which was held at a shared house on Thursday. Maybe you wonder what NABE iscyes? It is a term referring to all varieties of Japanese steamboat dishes. The pot is usually placed in the centre of dining table, shared by multiple people. Eating together from a shared pot is considered as an important feature of Nabe; East Asian people believe that eating from one pot makes for closer relationship. I didnft count properly, but I think there were more than 10 people on Thursday nightcso, some of them were still hungry even after the dinner! As the Nabe warm up our body, I like eating it especially in winter time. The Nabe season has just started! (Risa)

November 9th

Where do you think I have been to? If you have also been to the country, itfs too easy! I admit I am addicted to the countrycit was the 11th time for me to visit there!!! Crazy huh?(Risa)

cathedral sheep kaikoura

November 8th

Ifm back! Sorry I have been away for a while. Itfs getting colder, but I think itfs too warm for November. I wonder when the autumn leaves start to turn red or yellowc There must be a lot of people who plan to come to Kyoto to see the autumn colours, but unfortunately itfs just not yet. Hopefully soon! (Risa)

November 6th

Dear readers, how was your weekend? Takashi's here and this is my first post!! I don't know what I should focus on. How about a tram from Sagano to Kameoka? I took it about 2 weeks ago on a sunny day. It's just one hour ride but the scenery out of the windows were awesome. Alothough leaves had not turned into red and yellow, it was still fun to be on board. :-) You can buy a combo; a train ride and river cruise on a small boat if you wish. Oh, the path from Arashiyama stop is just amazing. It runs among bamboo bushes and stillness/camlness can ease your tension. ;-) As it was a warm day when I went there that it felt so good to walk under the shade. Hope you have a chance to go there. Have a nice week!! (Takashi)