June - April, 2012


A lotus garden at Mimuroto-ji is now opened. Ifve told the temple before and it is one of the famous temples with flowers. You not only can enjoy lotuses but also hydrangeas. Now it is the best season to see hydrangeas. Thousands of hydrangeas are bloomed there now. You can check todayfs garden from the website, (Saori)


After it was informed rainy season were here, we donft have much rain except the date Typhoon came. It is a very nice sunny day today and it seems it is not rainy season anymore! It was informed Okinawa got out from rainy season! Summer is also almost here!? haha thatfs what I wish but it seems rain come back from tomorrowc(Saori)


Do you know about Noryo Yuka? It is a wooden terrace above rivers and we eat meals there. If you walk near Kamo river, you will see them. The custom started from Nanboku-cho period, which is about 600 years ago and it was old peoplesf idea to get cool down from hot in summer with cool breeze of rivers. They are not only at Kamo river, but they are most seen because they are at the central Kyoto. Anyway they are also at Kibune, Takao, Takegamine, so if you go for little inside of Kyoto, please try those places! If you get tired of Kyoto hotness, try the idea of old days. (Saori)



It is so nice weather! It is not hot or humid. Just a pretty bright day!


See? Good weather, right?

Now it is rainy day here, but we havenft had that much rain yetc. Still it is easy to be cloudy so it makes us happy when we have the weather like this :) I also found hydrangeas are blooming near from our office.




Now we started to have requests for July. Most of School summer vacation starts from July 21st to August 31st. So during the dates, ryokan gets busier than usual. If you are interested in coming to Kyoto in July or August, we recommend to plan your stay earlier! If you have any questions or requests for your Kyoto stay, please feel free to contact us!!! We are happy to support you anytime:)(Saori)


The typhoon wasnft so bad as we expected. When we left the office a bit earlier than usual (about 5:30pm), the wind was pretty strong and lots of people were heading homec We were worried that it would get stronger, but it already stopped when I finished dinner with a friend around 9:30pm. I was going to take a taxi home, but I didnft have to and could walk back home. As Saori wrote yesterday, itfs unusual we are hit by typhoon in early summercso, I hope no more typhoons are coming until autumn! (Risa)


Typhoon is coming! It is the 7th earliest day that typhoon goes actually through Japan from the record. Usually typhoon season is in fall like September, but it is already 4th one in this year. Mmmm it seems this is one of the climate change, isnft it? We hope it doesnft give us that much damage.(Saori)


How was your weekend? It was fatherfs day in Japan and special events were held for the day. There was a interesting event! Beer bath! Unfortunately it wasnft the event in Kyoto. It was at Kagawa in Shikoku. Most of dads love beer so it seemed many people loved it. And they freshen up from work and all busy days :) Were there also any interesting events in your country? (Saori)


It is awesome summer weather. We canft believe it is middle of rainy season! Be honest,c.. it is not the day for staying in office :P The temperature got up to 30 degrees. However, humidity is not high so it is just nice bright day :) SUNNY See? Nice bright day, isnft it? How is your weather like there? (Saori)


Right now, it is the season for early summer flowers! As I informed before, Hydrangeas are bloomed. Also Azalea, iris and candock are the season now. And I found good place to enjoy all those flowers except Hydrangeas in one place! HEIAN-JINGU. All those flowers are nicely bloomed and giving colours to the shrine now. Please also enjoy seasonal flowers while you are here :) There is the information for access;


This Is late update and unfortunately the season is overcbut todayfs news is strawberry picking. Usually the season here is January to Early May. However it was cold for long this year so you were able to enjoy it longer this year. It was open till last week! These are photos from strawberry picking! STRAWBERRY PICKING STRAWBERRY PICKING Looks yummy, doesnft it? I missed it this year so Ifm definitely going next year!! (Saori)


How was your weekend? We hope you enjoyed it :) As we wished, the weather wasnft that bad here. Maybe the cross fingers worked !? From the rain in last week, a lot more Hydrangeas bloomed. So I introduce another temple to see them. The temple called Yoshimine-dera. It is little away from city and located at mountain so the view there is also pretty. You can look around Kyoto from there. And now half of Hydrangeas bloomed and Azalea if fully bloomed! If you have some time to go little bit farther, go there and enjoy local temples. The closest station is JR Mukoumachi-station or Hankyu Line Higashi-Mukoumachi station and you get on a bus to the temple. Just for more information, please search Yoshimine-dear. The temple is also famous for fall colours and cherry blossoms so you can also check those photos (Saori).


How is the weather like there? Rainy Season area came up to Tokai area, little bit south to Kanto areac Yes, Kyoto is in the rainy season area now! It has not started to rain here yet but on the weather forecast, it is all cloudy for a week from today. Mmm the rainy season is necessary so we do have enough water for summer but still we cross fingers for not having rain on weekend. (Saori)


Up to South of Kyusyu area, it became rainy season from last week. Yes, rainy season is right therec but it means it is the season for HYDRANGEAS!!! And they started to bloom now. On the news it says one third of flowers are already bloomed. There are many temples you can enjoy them so I introduce one place for today. Mimuro-toji at Uji. The temple is even called Hydrangeas Temples because of the beauty of flowers. What is famous about the hydrangeas is the number of kinds. There are 50 kinds and also some are rare to see. 10000 hydrangeas are planed so when all of them bloomed, the color from them makes temple very pretty! You can check the photos from there now. (Saori)


I talked about Geiko and Maiko yesterday and I found something interesting. There are a couple of places to help you make over to Maiko!!!.Yes, it is nice to just see them but why donft you experience how they dress, do make-up and act? Guys also can do make over to Samurai, Shinsengumi etc. Dress up with your friends, couples and have different experience in Kyoto! They are some place you can do. Maica; Aya; Yumeyakata; (Saori)


I met my family from NZ and hung out together last night. And we were talking what they want to do herec They said they want to see GEISYA! I didnft think they are interested in them that much but also for many of you, they are something curious. So I tell you little bit about Geisya today. Many people know them as Geisya but in Kyoto you call them Geiko. There are also Maiko, who is apprentice Geiko. There are 6 Hana-machi, Geiko districts in KyotocGion, Miyagawacho, Kamishicken, Pontocho and Shimabara. The most famous one is Gion, in front of Yasaka shirine. I canft say you will see them there in 100% but you have many chance to see them if you go there. Now It is said there are only 200 Geiko and 80 Maiko in Kyoto. The number got much smaller and the area is changing a lot. But it is still nice atmosphere there! When you come to Kyoto, please check them out. Ifm sure you can feel KYOTO a lot. (Saori)


How was your weekend? Did you have relaxed time? It was nice cool breezed day here and good day to enjoy outside. I enjoyed a drivec and I saw many people were playing outside and some were doing Barbeque. Now you can enjoy green, flowers and weather! It seemed little early yet, but soon It is the time to enjoy hydrangea soon! It is a good pretty weather these days here :)(Saori)


We have a custom to change clothes until now to seasonal clothes in June and October. It is called Koromo-gae. It Is the first day of June today so it is the day for change. The one you are easier to see is that many students start to wear summer uniform from today. Now I wonder when we started to do this so I researched on internet. This is what I found out. The custom started from Heian era, which is over 1,200 years ago. And in that time, they changed in April and October and they even changed jewelries, fans and some of furniture and not just clothes! It is interesting. Ifm sure It was a lot of work! Luckily, now we donft have custom to change furniture, but I realized we are following this customer for long time! This is wow to me. Do you also change clothes in certain day in your countries as well? (Saori)


I was looking at advertisements at trains and I found interesting one. Now Japan is famous for sub-culture, like anime, manga, game etc. And many of you get interested in Japan by those. From the popularity now, many sub-cultures events are held. There is one in Kyoto as well. This is what I found on the advertisement today. More than 100 manga, anime and game artists drew pictures for this event and their pictures are exhibited there. The theme of pictures is Japan so the pictures seem mixed of modern and old cultures. Some drew characters dressed in Kimono or Samurai and some drew country side of Japan. This is sub-culture event, but you are also able to feel old Japan. The event is from Mar. 17 to Jun and it is at Karasuma Oike. If you are interested in those, check the web site. There are farther information and you can see a couple of pictures there. (Saori)


I told you it started to get like early summer here in the other day. It is nice now, but soon it gets hotc.So I introduce you a special way to make you feel cool! From May to end September, terraces were put above rivers. It is called Noryo Yuka. You can see them at Kamo river, Kibune river or Takao and enjoy lunch or dinner there with cool breezes from river. Probably you have get chance to see the one at Kamo river most, because it is at the central of Kyoto. There are from Nijo-dori St. to Gojo-dori St. If you see wooden floors, they are what it is. This custom started is from the Edo period (1603-1867) so there are about 300 years of history. They only there for summer season, so when we see the terrace, we feel summer is here! When you get tired of hotness, go there and enjoy summer custom and Japanese food ;)


This is the last news from my Tokyo trip. MEIJI JINGU MEIJI JINGU They are photos from Meiji-jingu, Meiji Shrine. What made me surprised about is it is the middle of city! Have you heard about Harajuku? It is famous for crazy fashionc You can enjoy your time just looking around the city. There are many interesting things. Well, people there are interesting. Anyway, this is where it is. It is a famous one of the power spot. I could feel why people say that. You get in there and you feel like it is completed different place. Very refreshing and quiet. Now Japan started to be famous for sub-culture, but please go to those places and feel another side of Japan :) MEIJI JINGU When I went there, 4 or 5 couples were doing wedding there. It is one of the shot. Very pretty, isnft it? (Saori)


How was your weekend? Were you able to take some rest? It was the good weather in most of Japan so Ifm sure many of us had a good weekendc. Well it is from my opinions. The weather makes my day a lot lol Anyway, it got up almost 28C and it was like early summer. Rainy season supports to be here in a month or so, but it seems we can enjoy nice sunny before many rains!!! (Saori)


It is Friday today! How are you going to spend your Friday night? Going for a drink? Relaxing? Having a party? I donft drink, but I know some of you love drinking! So I give you a good information who like drinking :) In summer season, maybe from May to September, there is a good place to drink a lot. BEER GARDENS! You can drink beer all you want there. They only open in summer season. Summer in Japan is hot and humid so drinking cold beer is the best drink!!! Well, thatfs what I hear :p They are also open inside of some restaurants, but original style is outside bar. You feel nice summer, drink and have fun. You can eat from there too. And in some place, there is other alcohol, too. There are many those places..ex near Kyoto station, Daimonji, Shin-Hankyu Hotel, Shin-Miyako Hotel,c. If you like drinking, why donft you check them out and have nice summer time there!? (Saori)


Today I tell you about Asakusa. It is one of most common sightseeing places in Tokyo. Ifm sure you havenft heard it If you are coming to Japan. Or maybe youfve heard Kaminarimonc There is a huge red lantern at the shrine and this is what is famous for. But on the day I went, there was a festival and the lantern was closed. So I missed the famous thing to see there. So unfortunately, I donft have a photo of it, but Ifm sure youfve seen it on every Japan guide books so never mind. Check it on your books. I show you the photos from the festival :) ASAKUSA ASAKUSA ASAKUSA They are squids. This is a standard food for festivals. Good with beer! ASAKUSA Little game for festivals. You pick with those water balls with small fish hook. It seems fun, right? Summer is a season for those festivals. There are small and big festivals at everywhere. If you are coming to Japan in summer, look up festivals and check them up for little culture exploring!!(Saori)


I went to Tokyo to see my friends last weekend so I write about Tokyo little bit. Ifm sure you visit Tokyo even you are thinking to come to Kyoto. Okay, todayfs topic is trains in Tokyo! Trains in Tokyo are very busy. Especially rush hour on weekday. I only got on trains on weekend so I didnft experience it, but the stories about them are crazy. If you try to get on trains on those time, probably you get surprised by seeing how many people can get in one. Even they have trains every 2,3 mins, all the trains are full of people. My friend experienced she was on train without feet on the ground. She was pushed by people from every direction and no spaces to fall so she didnft fall down even she was floating! Can you believe how crowded they are? I seriously recommend not to try to get on trains on rush hour except who wants to go adventure ;) (Saori)


SKYTREE Sky tree is open today! It is a new radio tower in Tokyo and it is the tallest radio tower in the world., The high is 634m and it took 2 years and 8 months to build this. Yes, it took a long time all Japanese construction technology was gathered and it was built. You can see it from that It was just fine from that big earthquake last year. So many people was excited for this opening. Some waited in line from last night to get some rare souvenirs and first visitor. It is expected about 200,000 people gets in one day. Untill July. 10th, only people who made pre-reserved can get in the tower. There is no ticket selling for the days. After 2 months, you can get tickets at the tickets counter there. For a while, probably it is hard to get tickets but new big spot is open now in Japan. (Saori)


It was the day for a solar eclipse today. It was clear sky in Kansai area so we could see it. Unfortunately, in a few part of Japan, it was cloudy or rain so some could not see it. I know it was said you cannot see it without special glasses, but I thought I could see it at least a little bit even you do not have themcmm My idea was wrong. Of course, you cannot see without the glasses. I could I feel something is going on because the sun light is less than usual, but regarding to no glasses, I enjoyed it on TV. Everybody was exciting to see it and busy with it from morning! So were you able to see it from your place as well? (Saori)


Look look! BERRY CAFE BERRY CAFE It is my favorite thing in the world! CAKE! I went to Yodobashi camera stores near Kyoto station. And I found them there :) I am sure some of them come to Japan to buy electric things. Yodobashi camera is one of biggest electronic stores in Kyoto. There is Big Camera which is connected to Kyoto station, too. Anyway, you can find anything you want from there, but there a big problem. There are too many stuffs and you have to walk around a lot. Of course, it is fun to look around and make you surprise how cool modern technology is. After you enjoy looking around and get tired, go to Berry Café and get some energy! Fresh cakes are waiting you ;) (Saori)


When you think about Japanese food, many people say Sushi, Tempura, Syabu syabuc Yes, those are very typical Japanese food, but as you know, we do not eat those everyday. I have been asked gdo you eat sushi everyday?h Answer is NO! When I heard the question, It made me very surprised but also it realized me how famous sushi is. TEISYOKU This is a picture from one of a restaurant, but this is what we eat daily. Our diet is changing but typical Japanese diet is like this; Rice, Miso soup, Vegetables, Meat or Fish, Pickles. This is the reason Japanese food is healthy. Good balanced food. If you have a chance, please try Japanese home food :) (Saori)


It is a very good weather! The weather forecast was right. That means Aoi-maturi is on. They left Kyoto Goshyo and they are at Shimogamo Jinjya now. You can already check the photos from website. Check them up and feel Kyoto if you are not here in Kyoto. (Saori)


I informed Aoi-maturi is held on today but it was cancelled. Because of the rain today, it will be held tomorrow. Regarding from weather forecast, it will be nice warm sunny day tomorrow. The highest temperature for tomorrow is 26C and the lowest is 14C. See, it will be a good weather. I hope everyone enjoys the day tomorrow.(Saori)


It was Motherfs day yesterday. We give carnations if we follow the custom. The language of flowers is Love to Mother. This is the reason we give carnations for Motherfs day. I thought we give carnations in every countries but from what I saw on Internet, it is very depends on countries. In Thailand, they give Jasmine, in Australia, they give Chrysanthemumc. It made me surprise. What is your custom for Motherfs day? I did not give flowers to my mum this time, but I brought her to lunch. I share little bit what we had! I regret I did not take a picture of desert. It was yummy cake! (Saori)



There are many custom in the world when you turn to certain age. There are Gyusan-mairi, a riteof passage and festival for 13 years old, on March. 13th. 13 years old kids go to a shrine and appreciate that they turn into 13. And they pray their future happiness and wisdom. After you pray, you cannot look back till you go through the gate! Because of a belief; if you look back, the wisdom you were given is taken. Is it little interesting? Hourin shrine in Alashiyama is famous for Gyusan-mairi so if you have a chance to visit there, you might have a chance to see the custom. (Saori)


Risa informed about Aoi-maturi, Aoi festival before, but the date is coming up soon so I am reinforming you. The date for the festival is on May 15th and it starts at 10:30 from Kyoto Gosho and finishes at Kamigamo shrine. Aoi-maturi is one of the three main festivals in Kyoto. The other two are Jidai-maturi and Gion-maturi. Anyway, Aoi-maturi is told that the festival originated Emperor Kinmei, which is 539-571 so there are over 1400-years-old history! The festival parted 3 and the main part is over 500 people walk from Kyoto Gosho to Kamigamo Shrine. There are about 8km and they walk about 4 hours. They dressed as the time of 1400 years ago and there are also cow carriages, litters. It is a good festival to feel old days!. (Saori)


It is little old update but there was a local festival at a shrine last weekend. The shrine is for the local Shinto god and the festival was held for wishing the health and happiness of everybody who is protected by the god. Please check the photos below. I hope you can see little part of Japanese culture! (Saori)



Last night, we went out to eat after work. We walked down to Shijyou and we went to one of Izakaya. It is looked like a old Kyoto house and the menu they have is little unique. I ate new food there and it was interesting for me so I introduce it. It was new to me, but it is common food. It was only me that I had them for first time. It is called Ei-hire, which is fin of rays. This is the picture of how you eat. EIHIRE Is it interesting? It was flavored with soy sauce, sugar, sake and ginger, so it tastes sweet and salty. And it is dried under sun so it has good texture! Mmm I liked it. (Saori)


We are all back from Golden Week. How was your weekend? It seems everyone had relaxed and fun offs with their friends or family. I did not do anything special for offs. I just went to lunch and dinner with friends and talked with them. Mmm, I thought back about my offs and I realized it was pretty much about food!!! I went to Korean restaurant, Yakitori, which is a Japanese chicken BBQ, Sweetsc Yes, I ate a lot. I guess I need to get on little diet, yea? (Saori)


It is the last working day for this week. 4-days holiday starts from tomorrow. I do not have any plan for the holiday yetc.but I am thinking to go to outside and feel green, if it is sunny. I hope I can bring some nice news to share Kyoto with you! Because of the holiday, we only give answer back to you next week even you send us inquiry or reservation request this week. We apologize for this inconvenience. We will give answer back as soon as we get back from holiday. We all hope you have nice weekend :)(Saori)


It was reported that azalea is fully bloomed at Nagaoka Tenman-gu now on news. It is one of a famous place to enjoy azalea in Kyoto. They were over 100-years-old flowers and planed around Hachizyou-ga pond. They are designated as a natural treasure by Nagaoka city. The trail around azaleas is a nice little walking course. It seems it is not that good weather this couple of days, but from the forecast nice sunny comes back from this weekend. Why donft you go for a walk and enjoy flowers and weather? Check the photos from here, Here is the information to access for the shrine, getting on a JR train to Nagaokakyo station or Hankyu train to Nagaoka Tenmangu station and walk to there. (Saori)


Kyokusui-no Utage will be held this Sunday. It seems the weather on weekend is nice so why donft you visit there to see it? Kyokusui-no Utage is a old game which is brought from China and played by high class people in Heian era (794-1185). Poets sit around creek in garden and write down 31-syllable Japanese poems. Kids dressed with silk garment put sake cups on water. Before the cup through infront of them, they have to finish writing. This is the how this game works. At Jonan shrine, it is reproduced to show the taste of that old days and slow time from then. You also enjoy Shirabyou-shi, traditional dance and seasonal flowers, azalea and wisteria. Unfortunately, there is no English website. You can look up a photo from the website, You get on Subway and get off at Takeda station. You also can go there by bus, no.19. Time travel to old Japanese time!!! (Saori)


it is not nice weather todaycThe 3-days weekend is coming up soon so I hope that nice weather comes back soon. For some people, it is 9-days off from this saturday. It is called Golden week. 29th is Showa-Day- the Emperorfs Birthday. 30th is the substitute holiday. 3rd is Constitution Memorial Day. 4th is Green Day and 5th is Childrenfs Day. Yes, this is the week there are many public holidays. In that time, many people goes to see family, have relax time and go to travel. Mmm what should I plan for those days? (Saori)


Cherry blossoms are pretty much over, but you can enjoy another flowers now. I introduce one place today, Mimuroto-ji, one of flowerytemples. Many different kind of flowers are planed. Now you can enjoy Rosebay. Over 1000 are just bloomed so it seems they are pretty till next couple of weeks. Nice pink is giving the temple colorful and looks different. It is not the season yet, but there are also azalea, hydrangea and lotus etc. The temple is located in Uji, but it is 2 stations farther from Uji station If you have a chance to visit Uji, why donft you go little bit farther to see flowers. There are no English website, but you can see flowers today by photos This is the website, (Saori)


It is so nice weather today. You feel like summer is coming little by little. Mmm probably saying summer is too early, but I saw people walking with half sleeves. I did not need any jacket either. Yes, it became that warm now here. It seems it is like this nice weather till this weekend. I love it !!! It makes me want to get some sun. (Saori)


I wrote cherry blossoms are over now, but it seems there is still a place where you can enjoy. This is the photo from this weekend. Look! Still they are pretty, right? KAIZUKA KAIZUKA2 This is Cherry Blossom from Kaizuka Osaki. It is not in Kyoto. It is in Shiga prefecture and it is little cooler so cherry blossom bloomed later than other places. It is only 1 hour from Kyoto so if you still want to get a chance to see them. It is good to go! If you are interested in the place, this is the website. (Saori)


Cherry blossoms are pretty much over so I was surfing what you can do more on internet and I found something interesting. There are Kyogen, a japanese traditional play at Mibu temple from April. 21st-29th. The play has more than 700 yeas of history and it was enjoyed by people for a long time. It started by Saint Enkan to teach the method of Buddhan to ordinary. The play helped easier to understand and more interesting. This is the information about the plays. ( 30 different plays will be on those days. If you are interesting in the event, please check the web site of temple! ( (Saori)


Every week I get a little excited on Thursday, because weekend is coming soon. Itfs been very nice and sunny all this week and the temperature is like 20Ževery day. I looked at the weather forecast for the weekend to plan what to do this weekend. AGAIN!!! Rain is expected all weekend!! For the last few months (except last week) most weekdays are sunny and it started raining towards the weekends. WHY?!! Anyways, this weekend, again, is going to rain in Kyoto. Those who planned to go on picnic to enjoy the last bit of cherry blossoms, what are you going to do?? (kana)



Did you enjoyed cherry blossom enough, if you are visiting Japan? It is almost over now and it has started to have little green baby leaves now. It is nice to time to feel spring time, isnft it? Especially the spring sunny days make you smile and feel happy even there is nothing special. Probably this will be the last to update about cherry blossom  I also update a photo from Hirano shrine. There are 50 different kinds of cherry blossoms and 400 trees. This is one of places you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long term. It is different every year but the earliest one blooms in October and the last one blooms in late April. If you are interested in the shrine, check it up! (Saori)


Whatfs the first dish that comes up to your mind when talking about Japanese food?@For many people it would be gSUSHIhc@Sushi came to Japan long time ago and itfs still very popular here in Japan.@Last Sunday I wanted to eat sushi very bad and went to one of gsushi on trainh restaurants with a friend of mine. We went to 3 different restaurants because there were big queues in every sushi restaurant we had a look inc.Average 60minutes waitc..!!!@At the 3rd one, we thought, wellc wefd stop looking around and just wait. For many non-Japanese people, eating raw fish is quite challenging. If you are one of them, try going to one of those gsushi on trainh restaurants. They have raw fish sushis as well as cooked ones and even cooked meat sushi and salad sushi!! Also, you can SEE what youfre going to eat when those plates pass by your table on the rail. One dish with 2 small sushi pieces is usually only 105yen. No one will complain if you give up after 1 dish. (Kana)


How was your weekend? I went to see cherry blossom on Sunday with my family. It was nice warm spring day and cherry blossom is almost over so we decided to go. We went to Yamashina canal. There are cherry blossom and rape blossoms along the canal. It is also running course so there were people who is enjoying the course. There are many seats so many people were enjoying lunch box and BBQ. It was my first time of visiting there to see cherry blossoms but I recommend the place. It was nice and peaceful and it was not too crowded like some famous places.(Saori)


KADO-SAI is held for 3 days from today to April. 15th at Daikakuji.The temple has over 1200 years history and the ceremony is for offering flowers to Emperor Saga. The emperor is the person who build the temple. During the event, you can enjoy green tea with looking Japanese garden. If you are interested in the ceremony and the temple, please check the further information from the website! (Saori)


imperial palace imperial palace imperial palace imperial palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace was open to the public from April 4th to 8th this spring, so my uncle and aunt went there last Sunday. As you donft have to register in advance and itfs free, lots of people including locals and tourists visit there every time (itfs open to the public in autumn, too). If you register in advance, you can visit the Imperial Palace while you are in Kyoto. Here is the guideline, if you are interested; (Risa)


Do you have a custom that you drink and eat sitting under flowers in your county? I read a report this is a rare custom in the world. In Japan, we gather with friends, family, or co-workers and drink and eat with enjoying cherry blossom. This is called Ohanami in Japanese. When you come to see cherry blossoms, you might see people are eating and drinking. Why donft you try bring food and drink and try Japanese way of enjoying cherry blossom? I am sure cherry blossoms make food much taste better even fast food ! (Saori)


cherry blossoms cherry blossoms cherry blossoms

My uncle and aunt went for a walk to see the cherry blossoms on Sunday and sent me a few pictures, so I would like to share them with you. They visited Imperial Palace first (I will write about it on Thursday) and then walked along Kamo River and Biwa Lake Canal. It was quite a long walk, but I think it was very refreshing as it was sunny and warm on Sunday. I donft have enough time to go cherry blossom viewing this year, so I enjoy looking at the flowers on my way to work every morning.(Risa)


I came back from my one-week vacation and went back to work from today. I went to Guam for 4 days. Of course, it was much warmer.. actually hot, but it made me surprised that how warm it got in Japan. Now we can wear spring clothes. I live in Shiga and it is little bit cooler than Kyoto so cherry blossom has not bloomed yet but the bud becomes fat! So probably I can enjoy cherry blossom from my window soon. (Saori)


I write about cherry blossoms too much these days, so I introduce a big festival, Aoi Matsuri, held on May 15th annually. It is one of the three main annual festivals in Kyoto, and lots of people come to Kyoto to see it. The festival has been called Aoi Festival for the hollyhock leaves used as decoration throughout the celebration. These leaves were once believed to protect against natural disasters in ancient times. The parade starts at 10:30am and leaves Kyoto Imperial Palace and slows works its way towards the Shimogamo Shrine and finally the Kamigamo Shrine. When they finally arrive at the both shrines, the ritual is performed to pray for a bountiful harvest this autumn. If you are interested, why donft you come to Kyoto on May 15th? (Risa)


I checked a few cherry trees on my way back home last night, but they have survived even after the big storm! They are still 30% blooming, so you can enjoy viewing the blossoms for a week at least, I think. (Risa)


We got caught in a big storm yesterday, and it disrupted the transportation and caused great damage to people all over Japan. We were very surprised at the beating rain, fierce gusts of wind, and unseasonal thunder although we were inside the building. It was unusual to have that kind of weather in spring, so we felt very creepyc Itfs sunny and beautiful here today, and I hope the cherry blossoms are still in bloom after the storm. I will check on my way back home tonight. (Risa)


Our workmate had his first child on Sunday night. His wife delivered baby girl by Caesarean section after she suffered from labor pain for 5 days. My workmate says he is still tired because he was by her side throughout labor. It took longer than we thought, but I was relieved to hear the news that she gave birth to a healthy baby from my workmate. Congratulations again! (Risa)


How was your weekend? I met a friend for coffee and had a good talk yesterday. I walked to a café and saw the cherry blossoms blooming on my way. As they have just started to bloom, I think we can enjoy the beauty for more than 10 days or so. I work inside from morning to evening, so I didnft notice spring was already herecbut, it really is. I will talk some pictures of cherry blossoms and upload here soon, I promise. (Risa)

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