December - October, 2012


The year of 2012 is almost over and it doesnft feel like it. I hope everyone had a great year. Looks like I will be celebrating the New Year in Kyoto this year. I am hoping to go to a temple tomorrow morning to wish for a great year to come. I am so excited to experience the Kyoto style New Year. It would be a great chance to see how we celebrate differently in my home town. (Saburo)


Las night, I heard people saying gHino Yojinh on a street. These people are walking around the town of Kyoto to remind people to be aware of fire, and seeking for any risk of possible fire accident sauce. Very classic! (Saburo)


Yesterday, I saw a food cart that sells rice bowl only. The guy that sells rice bowls told me that he sells rice bowls to Maiko ladies. He sells different flavors of rice bowls. It would be a great experience to taste the rice bowls that Maiko ladies eat. (Saburo)


I received a note from landlord of my apartment saying that we cannot hang futon(Bed mattress) on balcony. The reason of that was hanging futon on our balcony disturbs beautiful view of Kyotofs town. I didnft realize that resident of Kyoto helps this town stay look beautiful. (Saburo)


@You will find many different kind of Japanese Cuisine in Japan, but you have to try a type of cuisine call gKyo Ryori.h Direct translation of this is Kyoto cuisine, but you can think it as Japanese fine dining. All the ingredients are specially chosen by a chef, and served in beautiful dishes or a wooden tray. They are delicious to eat and beautiful to see. If you ever crave for a true Japanese food, Kyo Ryori is the food to eat!(Saburo)


Todayfs Kyoto is cloudy and windy. The weather forecaster even said some places will be snowing. Today is the last day to see Hana-Toro festival in Alashiyama. The town of Alashiyama puts flower painted lantern on streets and lights up many different places of Alashiyama. One of the biggest attraction points is bamboo forest. They lights up the forests. You can walk through beautiful forest, then you will see the mountains lid up with different colors of lights. This event is a MUST see event while you are in Kyoto. Its starts from 5pm till 9pm. (Saburo)


I noticed today that Kyoto has lots of café both those chains and privately owned. Even Starbucks on Karasuma-dori got nice atmosphere. I think I can finally able to finish my book if I sit and relax at café! (Saburo)


These few days were very cold in Kyoto. We even had snow here. However, today was very warm. I saw few people running this morning. I hope that this weather stays same for little longer until the weekend because I would love to go see Hana Toro festival. They put lantern in bamboo forests and old Japanese town. Kyotofs Christmas holiday still have Japanese taste to it and I think Ifll like it! (Saburo)


While I was walking back home, I passes few beautiful old Japanese houses. I smelled incense from many houses. I have never experienced this in Kobe. Very small thing, but stuff like this makes Kyoto a special place I thought. (Saburo)


One of the Japanese traditional craft is Tenugui, which is a very thin towel. It is like a cheese cloth. I found a store that specializes Tenugui. Tenugui usualy have beautiful art work on them, so people put them in a frame and hang on a wall as art work. If you go to Kyoto Station, you should look for that store. You will find a great gift for friends and family in your home country. (Saburo)


Ifm taking trains and subways to go to work everyday. Lately, I realized that even though they are in a hurry in busiest time of the day, they keep the rules. For example, when the train comes at platform, people make the way for people who are getting off the train. No wander Japanese are called polite. (Saburo)


Color of mountains are already changed, but now leafs are start falling off from trees. On the way to work today, I saw people that cleaning leafs everywhere. I thought we need to thank for those people who help the town keep it clean. (Saburo)


Winter has set in, and it snowed in the mountain area in Kyoto City yesterday. Temples and shrines covered with snow are very pretty, but I already miss summer weather a lot! (Risa)


It was a public holiday on the last Friday so It was 3 days-off for many of people. And it was mostly done with red and yellow leavesc There are so many visitors to enjoy colored leaves and temples in Kyoto. I also went to Chiyon-in to see the leaves in the night.


And I enjoyed green tea and sweets. I wanted to share food with you but I ate before I took a picturec :P I will take one next time. Here is the view from the tea seat.


It was a very pretty night, wasnft it? You even can go up to Sakumon, the front gate of temple and you can see the view of Kyoto. It was my first time to go up there and I got surprise how amazing the inside was. You are not arrowed to take pictures there so I cannot share it but I highly recommend to go there to see the secret of the gate!!! (Saori)


I walked around Nakagyoku area today. I was surprised to see how many beautiful old buildings are still located between skyscrapers. Beautiful place to visit on weekends for sure. (Saburo)


Todayfs Kyoto has beautiful sky, but because of that, it has been cold all day. I was eating lunch outside, then realized that the color of leafs changed quite dramatically. Because I donft go outside, I almost missed the beautiful time of the year. (Saburo)


I went to Kyoto Station to meet my friend on Sunday. She gave birth to a baby boy in August, so our kids are only one month apart from each other. We stayed at a café for a couple of hours and it was fun exchanging information about child rearing, etc. She said she sometimes feels stressed as she stays with her son all the timec I think I am lucky because Ifve never had such feelings and thought of my daughter as a burden. Even though there have been occasions when Ifve wanted more time to myself, she is what I look forward to and makes my life brighter and happier. (Risa)


How was your weekend? I took my daughter to a baby massage class on Saturday. It is said that baby massage has lots of benefits and is a wonderful way to feel close to babies, so I was interested since I was pregnant. According to an article I read, it may help babies to strength attachment to you, stay relaxed and not get upset, cry less, and sleep better. One study showed that it may reduce the number of illnesses babies have, cutting down on the need for trips to see the doctor or nurse even!!! My daughter enjoyed the massage (I believe!) and spending time with the other baby friends too! (Risa)


I caught a cold and had a fever last night againc My daughter still coughs and sneezes a lotcand, my husband said he felt unwell this morningc Who brings cold virus to our house??? (Risa)


I take my daughter to and from a nursery almost every day, and I noticed the leaves on the bigleaf maple trees on Oshikoji-dori Street (south side of Nijo Castle) have turned red yesterday morning. Also, I enjoyed the damp night air which was full of the pleasant smell of the moist earth and leaves last night. I thought it was very like autumn and made me so happy somehow! (Risa)


How was your weekend? My daughter and I met a friend of mine, and we went to Shiga for lunch and scenic drive on Saturday. We left Kyoto before 1pm, but we arrived at a café after 3pm as we were caught in traffic. I guess the other people had the same idea and went out because of the fine weather. We had lunch & coffee and talked for a while and noticed it was too dark for the scenic drivecso, we gave up and came back to Kyotoc It was ok though because it was fun talking in the car! (Risa)


I called my mother to ask if we could meet up for dinner tomorrow night, but she said shefs caught a cold and been sick for a week or so. I took my daughter to a clinic yesterday (yes, againcfor nose bleeding this time thoughc), and I was told to wait for 2.5 hours at the reception!!! As I wrote yesteday, a bad cold is going around badly... Ifve tried every possible means to prevent colds, but I think I caught a cold againc What is the best prevention? (Risa)


How was your weekend? My daughter was sneezing and had a runny nosecand, I wasnft feeling well eitherc I took her to a childrenfs clinic for vaccinations last Thursday, and we had to stay there for about 2 hourscso, I think we picked up a cold there. As we stayed at home all day on Saturday, I cleaned up the house and got ready for the winter. A bad cold and influenza are already going around, so I am planning to have a vaccination for flu next week! (Risa)


October is over, and I canft believe itfs already a month since I came back to work after maternity leavec Also, can you believe there are only two months left this year? I met friends on Saturday, and one of them brought her 1-year-child with her. It seems like just yesterday that I went to see her and baby at maternity center a year agoc2012 has been a big year for me, but what about you? (Risa)


How was your weekend? I had a few plans on both Saturday and Sunday, so I felt exhausted when I got home last nightc I have got very bad stiff neck and shoulders for a week or so, and also I slipped in the bathroom and hit my chest pretty hardc I went to get a massage on my way home yesterday, but my daughter was rolling and crying next to mecso, I was not able to relax at allc Do you know any massage places you can take children? (Risa)


My daughter rolled over for the first time last night. I knew she was trying every day, but I thought it would take a little more time to master it. Babies are growing and developing all the time, so Ifve never got tired of spending time with her. My husband came back so late last night, and he was sorry to miss the moment. Poor him. What are you up to this weekend? I hope youfll have a good one. (Risa)


Autumn has come, and we see lots of tourists and sightseeing buses near the office every day. My husband works as a cook at a ryokan, and hefs also getting busier these days. Some tourist spots (especially scenic spots for the beautiful colored leaves) in Kyoto were introduced on the national news the other day, so I guess more people are coming to see the foliage in late autumn. I might go to Kodai-ji Temple with my daughter soon as my co-worker asked me to go there! (Risa)


I saw a friend from university after 3.5 years last Saturday. We met at Kyoto Station and found a long queue in front of a new shop [Auntie Annefs]. We didnft have time to queue up to buy their famous pretzels this time, but do you think itfs worth the wait? (Risa)


How was your weekend? Jidai Matsuri, Festival of the Ages is held on October 22nd (today!) in Kyoto. It is one of Kyotofs renowned three great festivals and enjoyed by people of all ages, participating in its historical reenactment parade dressed in authentic costumes representing various periods, and characters in Japanese feudal history. The procession starts at Kyoto Imperial Palace at noon and ends at Heian Shrine. I saw men and women dressed as samurai, military figures, and common people, and horses when I took my daughter to the nursery near Nijo Station this morning, and I guess they were heading to the Imperial Palace for the parade???? (Risa)


TGIF! I feel time passes so quickly especially after I gave birth in July. When I looked in the mirror at myself last night, I was very shocked to see how old I lookedc I am going to see a friend for a quick coffee tomorrow, but thatfs it. I think this weekend will be a good chance to take a rest and recover. Hope you will have a nice weekend! (Risa)


Autumn Beer Festa will be held at Zest Oike from 11am to 6pm this Sunday. You can try 36 kinds of local beer at 300 yen per glass there and buy 11 kinds of beer in bottle also. A similar event was held in spring and more than 2,000 people visited there. I live quite close to the Zest Oike, so I am planning to drop by and have a look. (Risa)


Itfs raining after a long interval today. According to the weather forecast, we will get deeper into autumn after this rain. One of the attractions in the season is autumn colors. Kyoto is very famous for the autumn leaves, so we would like to show them off to the rest of the world. Itfs not easy to predict when the best time is to visit, but I guess it will be around late November to early December this year. If you are planning to come to Kyoto to enjoy the autumn tints, book your accommodations now! (Risa)


Itfs getting chilly in the morning and evening, but I like the crisp air of autumn very much. I take my daughter to a nursery every morning and have been enjoying the walk smelling the scent of orange osmanthus these days. Autumn is my favorite season, so I wish it would last foreverc! (Risa)


How was your weekend? I took my daughter to see my friend in Kobe yesterday. It takes about 1.5 hours from Kyoto to Kobe, so I was afraid that she might get cranky and start to cry on the train..., but, she was ok on our both ways. When I was standing, the other passengers offered their seats to us and that made us our trip easier. My friend is 9 months pregnant and will give birth next month, so we will visit Kobe again soon. (Risa)


Hello everyone. I came back to work after 3-month maternity leave on Oct. 1st. I gave birth to a baby girl on July 1st and spent quality time with her. Shefs grown nicely, and started going to nursery last month. I donft go out as often as I did before, but I will try my best to post interesting news here! (Risa)

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