March - January, 2013


@When my father visited Kyoto, he introduced me to an activity that only experience in Kyoto. If you go to Gion, you will find a narrow beautiful road just off the side of busy a main street. You will see beautiful wooden structure houses along that narrow road. These are all houses, or offices of Maiko ladies. Along the houses, there are places that you can go in and have a tea while you enjoy dances by Maiko ladies. You can only experience this true Kyoto feeling, so when you have time and if you are seeking true Kyoto activity, you should walk around Gion, and find these houses. (Saburo)


@Have you noticed hair pins of Maiko ladies have changed? Maiko ladies chose different hair decorations for different occasions and different seasons. When you have a chance to talk to them, you should pay attention to hair decorations and kimono of Maiko ladies. You will be surprised how they include seasons in their life. (Saburo)


@I wrote a news about Sakura yesterday. I also recommend you to go to different temples and see the temple with Sakura blossoms. This is the view only you can see in Japan. I have a friend that made a post card with the photo with Sakura and a temple. People who received the cards were very happy. This could be a great souvenir to your family and friends. (Saburo)


@Sakura is a symbol of Japan. Right now is the perfect time to go and see. Japanese people like to have a party under Sakura trees and this event is called gOhanami.h People take food and drinks to the party and enjoy the beauty of nature. Sakura can be used in foods. Since this is a season for Sakura, you will find many different types of food products, such as, Sakura flavored chocolate and Sakura flavored jam. Try these product and enjoy the taste of Spring in Japan. (Saburo)


I went to an art exhibition with my friend. A well known French photographer Robert Disneaufs exhibition was held at Isetan shopping mall by Kyoto station. His works were unique and have controversial message to them. It is so nice to see such a talented photographerfs work in Kyoto. Unfortunately, today was the last day of exhibiton. If you miss it, hope you can see them in your country someday. (Saburo)


It is snowing in Kyoto today. Where are you going today in Kyoto? There are so many places and temples that you may want to go if you like to see beautiful winter of Japan. One place that I recommend you to go is Kinkakuji. It is a temple that covered with thin gold sheets. Gold and white from the snow contrast is absolutely gorgeous. If snow piles up today, you should try to go to different temples. You might see them differently than when you saw them before. (Saburo)


Happy Valentines Day! You might see lot of green tea products and gifts in Kyoto. I was just curious about how many people buy green tea flavor chocolate. Very surprising to know that so many products were available for Valentines Day, and so many people were buying green tea flavored chocolate. I guess different places have different flavors for Valentines Day in Japan. I wonder what my home prefecture (Kuamoto) have for their special chocolate flavor. (Saburo)


One of the famous product that Kyoto have is Miso. (Soy fermented paste) That is what we use to make Miso Soup. Now day, miso is used in different countryfs cuisine. One old miso store near Karasumaoike station in Kyoto, specializes Yuzu miso. Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. This store call Yaosan, produces amazing Yuzumiso, and it is even on a travel guides. This Yuzu miso is used on so may ways, such as spread over a toast, dip vegetable sticks and just put it over a white rice. They have English information sheet, so even you can read what it is and how to use them. If you have chance to go, please enjoy the old beautiful building and hospitality that they show. (Saburo)


Today is a Japanese holiday call Sejinshiki. When you turn to 20 years old in Japan, you are officially considered as an adult. You might have seen many young people in Kimono or suites today because they are celebrating Sejinshiki. Unfortunately, today was raining in Kyoto, and snowing in different places. However, today was a great chance to wear Kimono, so you might have seen people in Kimono. (Saburo)


Today, I had a food call Yuba, which is a thin film made from soy milk. We dray them or eat it low. The way I ate was put dried one in a hot pot. Not very much flavor, but I love the texture of it. If you ever had a chance to go to Tofu restaurant in Kyoto, you should try it once! (Saburo)


@When you are walking around the town of Kyoto, you will see a red bucket of water at the entrance of every houses. It is there for in case of fire. Since houses in Kyoto are built very close to each other, and roads are very narrow, firefighters may not get on site of fire before its get worse. Therefore, people in Kyoto have a set of mind that they have to take care of them selves, so those red buckets are necessary for the action. This beautiful town is protected by every resident of Kyoto. (Saburo)


Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu (Happy New Year) I spend my new year with my family in Kumamoto Prefecture, and it was very nice to spend time with my family. Japanese eat a special bento box call Osechi. All the food have happy meaning and wishes good luck. My family usually orders two sets of Osechi, so we usually have a big amount of food in new years. I hope you all had a chance to eat Osechi in new year. (Saburo)

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