December - July, 2013


There are 4 words picked as buzzwords of 2013 in Japan. One of the most popular one was "Je Je Je". It is one of the dialect of northeastern Japan. When you are surprised or excited about anything you would say that. (Kazuma)


My favorite actor Paul Walker died in a car crash On Nov. 30. He was one of the stars of the action movie Fast and Furious. The newest movie was just released a few month ago. (Kazuma)


Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters made it to Rice bowl !! They beat Nihon University Phoenix 23-9 last Sunday. This was their 3rd straight championship. The Fighters are going to match against X-League champion who is going to be Fujitsu Frontier or Obic Seagulls. (Kazuma)



Starbucks opened their first coffee shop on rails in Switzerland. Starbucks is always looking for unique ways and places to connect with customers. That coffee house train is going to be between Geneva and St.Gallen. (Kazuma)



At least five people were killed by the rare tornadoes on Nov. 17. Dozens of tornadoes swept across the U.S. Midwest. There were extensive damages in Illinois. According to a weather service meteorologist, there should not have those tornadoes because it it too cold for tornadoes to keep surviving. Kazuma)


Now we are getting pretty decorations and lighting up for Christmas at many places. Ifm sure you can enjoy the night around there. There is a special event at Osaka Castle. From Dec. 14th to Feb. 6th , it will be lighted up and they do light show in front of the castle. You have to buy tickets before you go and there is only a Japanese websitec. But it seems so pretty and fun. You can see the images form the website even you cannot read Japanese so check it up! (Saori)


Caroline Kennedy came to Japan and met emperor in a ceremonial pomp on Nov. 19th. There were thousands of well-wish came to the streets to see U.S. Ambassador in Tokyo. (Kazuma)


It become pretty much like winter but I found a tree is still trying to stay in nice color! The weather forecast says we have a strong wind and rain today so it might hard to stay in same but I hope we can enjoy the color little bit morec (saori)



According to a team in Japan, minivan from Suzuki set a world record for distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single battery charge. That vehicle EVERY had a lithium-ion battery and was able to go about 1,300km. It could be recognized as Guinness world record. (Kazuma)


It is a Friday! How are you going to spend your weekend? It seems that we have rainy weekendc I hope you have a good weekend!!! (Saori)


There is a big historical lantern in Asakusa, Tokyo. It's usually called as Kaminarimon lantern. It is about 3.9 meters tall, 3.3 meters wide and 700 kg. The lantern has been replaced on Nov. 18th and it was the fifth time for makeover. (Kazuma)



Have you heard about the Bamboo Village snack in Japan?? It is called "Takenoko no sato" Those snacks just look like little bamboo shoot so would be nice for keeping in your desk! There are so many versions of flavor such as strawberry and white chocolate. I need to try murasakiimo flavor!!! (Kazuma)



We have a Vogue Wordsf Prize in the end of the year. 10 words are nominated and 4 words are picked as the prize. One was Omotenashi from the Olympic Presentation Bid. The meaning is hospitality. She presented how nice our Omotenashi is and after the presentation, the words get popular and many are rethought about it and try to recreate new sections and special events. There are even exam for Omotenashi specialists. I hope that you meet and feel nice Japanese Omotenashi while your stay.(Saori)


How was your weekend? It was nice weather this weekend so it seems that so many people went out to see fall colors. It seems many places are mostly donec


And it was warmer this weekend because of no winds but itfs cold againc.It seems winter is really there.


Fried noodles Namie wins B-1Grand Prix foodie award for Fukushima !!! Fried noodle is called YAKISOBA in Japan. Namie YAKISOBA served with pork, bean and special sauce Worcestershire.(Kazuma)



Howfs the weather like in your country? Itfs getting so much like winter here now. It seems that we didnft have fallc. All leaves are now colored. In some places, leaves fell down so if you are coming to see the color. You should check it out as soon as possible. Itfs pretty cold in the night so bring nice warm clothes and be careful not to catch a cold here. Kyoto is one of place that winter is cold even it doesnft snow that much. (Saori)


The 2010-11 NBA League MVP Derrick Rose is done for this seasoncRose injured his right knee in the third quarter of a game against the Portland Trail Blazers. His surgery went well. Hopefully he is looking good next season. (Kazuma)



According to McDonald, they are going to end a relationship with Heinz ketchup. Heinz has been working with them as supplier for more than 40 years. (Kazuma)



It was a good moon night so I went to Osaka Castle for fun with my friend. It was a bit cold but the view was so pretty. I heard the castle is one of the famous place to visit for foreigners. Are you planning to visit there? If you go there in the night like me, you cannot get inside of the castle but you can see the lighted up castle :) I know it is not something you can choose between but I recommend you to go there in the night as well. Ifm sure you can enjoy it (Saori)



Still perfect to go !! Yokozuna Harumafuji beats Maegashira No.3 Takayasu. Harumafuji is still staying unbeaten at this Kyusyu tournament in Fukuoka. The other Yokozuna Hakuho remains unbeaten too and he is trying to get his 28 th career title. Do you know who has the most career title ?? (Kazuma)



This is a late update but here is a photo from Zidai Maturi. It is not far from our office so we got out from work a bit and checked it out. People dress up the old time and they walk from Kyoto Goshyo to Heian Shrine. If you have a chance to visit on Oct. 22nd, donft miss it!



According to researchers, U.S. Army is trying to build high-tech body armor. It is called Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit. That suit makes a soldier more strong and tough. There is an exoskeleton to protect from any bullets and monitor vital signs. It's just like a movie Iron Man !! (Kazuma)


A figure skater came back on business !! Her name is Miiki Ando who won twice in world championship. She is expecting to comeback to next year's Sochi Olympics. She gave birth to a baby girl in April but her performance is still enough to be qualified. (Kazuma)


Yes! The Tohoku Rakuten Eagles beat the Yomiuri Giants in Game 7 of the Japan Series on last Sunday to win their first championship. I am sorry for the Giants funs but they are the most successful and the oldest team in Japanese baseball with 22 championships. Who do you think they will win next season ?(Kazuma)


It seems that the leaf started to get colored Eikando was on the news. The temple starts to lighting up from tomorrow and they did test lighting up. It is very pretty in daytime but I like the lighted up one more. The temple has more than 3,000 trees. And during the time you also can check Mikaeri- Amida. Check the following website for more information. (Saori)


Red Sox win World Series. The 38 years old greatest closer Koji Uehara is originally from Osaka and pitched a perfect inning to finish off a 6 - 1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 last week. He was waived by the Texas Rangers last year but signed with Red Sox to become a middle reliever. I really like him even he was a member of our rival team but he is mentally tough. Hopefully he will be looking good next season as "Boston Strong". (Kazuma)


Have you seen some people are passing tissues out in front of station or on a busy street corner in Japan ? Do you know why they do that ? When you look at the outside package you will see a company's product information or a piece of paper with advertising. Most people like to take a free tissues because it's free !! It's better for people to take leaflets and pamphlets with anything useful. It also good for advertisers because people look at advertising most times before use it. (Kazuma)


We have nice fall weather recently. That mean leafs are going to change the color soon! Unfortunately it is a website in Japanese but you can check how the color is doing. The leaf show you the color. The green one is still not yet started. The yellow one is started to color a bit. If the sign become the nice orange, it means its time to go to check them. Please check the website to get a brief idea! (Saori)


There is one less fatty fries. Fast food giant Burger King made this called "satisfry". It only has one third the fat and 20% fewer calories. The company succeeded to reduce in the potato's oil absorption. That's why fries have a lower fat and fewer calories. However the products are still crispy and fluffy. (Kazuma)


The dugong is an endangered marine mammal. They usually live in warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa, but they have found the planned declamation site in Okinawa chosen for the relocation of the U.S. Futenma base. The dugong comes around because there is abundant seaweed near the coast of the Henoko distinct in Nago. Only small number of dugons live in waters near the Japanese archipelago, so the prefectural governor Hirokazu Nakama has to make a decision on whether to approve the relocation. (Kazuma)


There was a guy who hit 57 home runs this season. His name is Balentien outfielder with Tokyo Yakult swallows of Nippon professional baseball. Sadaharu oh had a Japanese league record 55 in 1964 but Balentien slammed his 56th and 57th home runs on Sept. 1 I wish there could be a player who breaks Balentien's record from Japanese !! (Kazuma)


This year, we have many typhoonsc right now the 27th and 28th are coming. If you are in Japan, please be careful with them. They come to Kansai area from tomorrow to Saturday. (Saori) .


Tyhoon lashes !!! The yearfs 18th typhoon made some 268,000 residents to evacuate using a new warning system in Kyoto last month. Meteorological agency warned unprecedented heavy rain and the typhoon has gone from Fukushima to Hokkaido. Now we got 2 huge typhoons coming from southchopefully donft shot through Kinki area. (Kaz)


It was day for Jidai Maturi. This is one of the biggest Maturi in Kyoto. People dress up as the old time and they walkfrom Kyoto Gosyo to Heian Jingu. The festival started from celebrating that Heian Jingu was built. We went to see it during our work time a bit. It was fun! Have you checked it ut? (Saori)


Yeah, Tokyo 2020 !!! Tokyo was chosen as the host of the 2020 summer Olympics on Sep. 7. There were 2 other cities trying to also be hosted. They were Istanbul and Madrid but we won the vote. This will be the first Asian city to host the Olympic twice. I am so excited to see the US basketball team in Tokyo !! (Kaz)


How are you doing?? Do know Japanese cartoon called Sazae-san? It began airing in 1969 and has been recognized by Guinnses World Records as the longest-running animated series in the world. Sazae-san is airing longer than famous the U.S. cartoon The Simpson!! You should check Sazae-san out!! (Kaz)


How is the weather in your country? Japan is definitely now in Fall. We had hot days even early October but now the temperature is 12 or 14 degrees. The cold breeze make things in fall color soon. It seems that the season is around early November to mid November this year. We hope you enjoy the fall weather here (Saori)


Did you know e-mail and internet access via mobile phones are available on Karasuma line one of the Kyoto subway lines? On September 25th, the Kyoto city transportation bureau has been announced that emergency alerts can also be received and disaster message board services can be accessed.(Kaz)


How have you been doing? Ifm sorry that we werenft able to update the newsc we were busy with booking. It was so hot this summer and it was still hot till this couple of days. From last night, the weather changed to Fall in sudden and got so cool. It seems that winter is coming close or just the Typhoo is making this weatherc(Saori)


Finally, our Facebook page is here! We have been asking all the Ryokans for updated photos, and we have received many photos. Right now, many Ryokans are updating their meals for summer. We got photos of special summer meal, and we uploaded on Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page and gLikeh us! You will receive updates regularly on your Facebook news! We look forward seeing you on Facebook! (Saburo)@



Summer is here! We have a great culture and event to enjoy this summer season. When itfs hot, beer taste really good I believe. Japan has an event call Beer Garden. Usually Beer Garden is done at top of hotels. You will enjoy lots of beer, different types of foods, and you can enjoy entertainment, too. If you like beer and want to enjoy summer in Japan, Beer Garden is a great event to go. (Saburo)


A biggest festival in Japan, Gion Matsuri is started today. This festival last for a month and usually people from all over the country come and see the festival, so it is hard to find a hotels this time. Today was just a blessing day for main person for the festival. We expect that 14th to 16th will be the busiest. I hope you can see and experience this magnificent festival. (Saburo)

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