June - January, 2014


Well, that's it for Zaccheroni... Alberto Zaccheroni quit as Japan coach maybe because of disappointing 1st stage exit at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I do not think it's his fault, but someone had to take responsibility...


I am going to introduce KATSUDON today. Katsudon is one of Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments. Katsu, means "to win" or "to be victorious". So when you have some serious game or mission, you would eat that !!(Kazuma)



I am going to introduce my favorite noodle restaurant in the Sanjyo area of Kyoto. It is called Nagahama Ramen Miyoshi. Nagahama Ramen uses Tonkotsu (pork bone) soup base. (Kazuma)



According to education experts, Japan always stays at Higher Education Asia University Rankings. Japan once again tops this year. However, China and South Korea are trying to reach us. We have 20 schools in listed in the top 100, but now China has 18 and South Korea has 14 !! (Kazuma)


It was tough game for Japan national soccer team yesterday...We thought we had it. After the first half of the game, Drogba came in to the game. They scored 2 pints in 2 minutes. However, we still have chance to pass the league !! (Kazuma)


Todays news

Yes, go Spurs !! Spurs made a 111-92 victory over the Miami Heat on Tuesday night that gave them a 2-1 lead. I think it was tough to win at the Miami home. We need 2 more wins!! (Kazuma)



According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, crazy rainfall for June had been set at 40 observation points, with 321 millimeters recorded at Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, 237 millimeters at Tokigawa, Saitama Prefecture, 224 millimeters at Ome, Tokyo, and 217 millimeters at Hachioji, Tokyo. (Kazuma)


Yankees' Masahiro Tanaka has been selected the American League pitcher of the month of May. Hopefully, he is going to get more than 20 wins. (Kazuma)



Japan beats Costa Rica 3-1 in World Cup warm-up. We are going to have REAL tourney from next week, so we have to be ready for it. Côte d'Ivoire will be the first match in the tourney.(Kazuma)


We have now most 2 advanced long-distance surveillance drones in Misawa the U.S. Air Base. The U.S. Air Force is trying to monitor nuclear activities in North Korea and Chinese naval operations. The drone is valuable because it can conduct long-range missions without the limitations of pilot fatigue. (Kazuma)


The Japan women's national football team Nadeshiko Japan won 1-0 over defending champion Australia in the final of the Womenfs Asian Cup on Sunday. Third-ranked Japan is becoming the first country to hold both the Asian and World Cup titles at the same time. (Kazuma)



Yes, Yomiuri Giants they are about to going down !! Hiroshima Carp beat Giants 10-3 on Sunday afternoon at Tokyo Dome. The Hiroshima slugger Eldred hit a two-run homer in the third inning and a grand slam in the sixth to pull into a tie with the Tokyo Yakult Swallowsf Wladimir Balentien for the league lead with 15 home runs.(Kazuma)



Coach Alberto Zaccheroni has announced his 23-man squad for the upcoming World Cup finals in Brazil. The Samurai Blue can begin the process of preparing for the nationfs fifth trip to the sportfs ultimate competition.(Kazuma)


Minami Katsu made history when she won the Vantelin Ladies Open as she became the youngest winner on the Japan LPGA(The Ladies Professional Golfers' Association of Japan) Tour. South Korean Kim Hyo-joo was the previous youngest winner in Japan when she won the Suntory Ladies Open in 2012 at the age of 16. However, Katsu is only 15 years old !! (Kazuma)



According to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, infielder Kevin Youkilis will return to the United States to have his injured left heel examined and treated. He is playing in his first season in Japan, but hurt his heel on April 26 against the Orix Buffaloes. He needs to come back for them as soon as possible to win the championship again this season.(Kazuma)



Tempura is one of the popular Japanese food. If you are going to a Japanese restaurant, you would probably see them. They are usually battered and deep fried vegetables, seafood, and so on. It should be served hot with dipping sauce or salt. (Kazuma)



The best closer in Major League Baseball Kohji Uehara, he is a member of Red Sox in Boston. It was just too easy for him to win the game against Tampa Bay Rays. He said his right shoulder wasn't looking good two weeks ago, but now he is into shape.(Kazuma)


This is one of our favorite Japanese food called "GYUDON". Gyudon shops in Japan are very popular at lunch time. If there are company offices, there are Gyudon shops around there. You can get Gyudon for $5-6 in Japan, and thatfs great for budget eaters. (Kazuma)



Nippon Professional Baseball decided to make some business activities for NPBfs first for-profit corporate unit as "Samurai Japan". They also considered having the development of Samurai Japan business activities overseen jointly by the 12 baseball teams. (Kazuma)


One week has passed since South Koreafs ferry Sewol sank...There were already 113 bodies found from the sunken hull. However, more than 190 passengers are still missing or presumed trapped inside the vessel. (Kazuma)


Toyota revamps Camry to win midsize car war... According to Toyota Motor Corp, Toyota will refresh its popular midsize Camry sedan next year. The new Camry should be with a refreshed interior, updated exterior styling and maybe even some powertrain revisions. (Kazuma)



Japan to continue whaling in Pacific...According to a media report, Japan will go ahead with research whaling in the northwestern Pacific, but by reducing catches. The number of catches will be slashed to about 210 from the initially planned 380. Whaling is scheduled to begin operating next Saturday in North part of Japan, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. (Kazuma)


Hello I am going to introduce one of my favorite Japanese dessert. This is called Ozenzai. It is a red bean soup served with Mochi, or rice cakes. The soup is very very very sweet. Red beans are called azuki in Japan, and are a common sweet found in Asian countries, and while many non-Asians find the idea of beans for dessert to be wrong and sometimes disturbing, they can absolutely delicious.(Kazuma)



Sukiyaki is a popular family meal which is usually cooked at the table as you eat. The word "yaki" means "grill" in Japanese. The word is used because meat is grilled in the hot skillet. The main ingredient in sukiyaki is usually beef which is thinly sliced. Meat slices and ingredients are simmered in soy sauce based soup. In different regions of Japan, sukiyaki is cooked differently. (Kazuma)



Kentucky Wildcats ends Wichita State's consecutive winning streak. Shockers had a perfect season until yesterday. After defeating Missouri State on March 1, 2014, Wichita State became the first Division I team ever to finish the regular season 31–0. (Kazuma)

wichita st


Masahiro Tanaka, he was looking good at the game on last Sunday against the Atlanta Braves. He only allowed one run and three hits. The game was 7-4, and Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves. (Kazuma)



There are many udon dishes cooked in Japan. Udon can be served cold or hot. You might have seen udon noodles in hot soup or fried udon noodles. Udon are white and thick wheat noodles which are basically made by kneading wheat flour, salt, and water. (Kazuma)



Oden is one of my favorite Japanese stew that is cooked over several days and commonly served during cold winter months. It is really easy to make and most ingredients can be found in Japanese supermarkets. I grew up eating uses a light dashi broth with fishcake, egg, konyaku, tofu products and vegetables in it. (Kazuma)



Masahiro Tanaka had a great debut on Saturday with the New York Yankees. He struck out three and allowed two singles in two innings out of the bullpen in a 4-0 preseason win over the Philadelphia Phillies at Steinbrenner Field. (Kazuma)



There was one new black taxi unveiled in London. It is the NV200 cab. That taxi has 1.6 liter gasoline engine and much cleaner than the current diesel cabs cruising the streets of the British capital. (Kazuma)



There is one really famous application on smartphones called "Line". It's a chat-based for instant massaging. Do you know why they were created ? After the huge Tohoku earthquake to make post-disaster communication easier. (Kazuma)



Do you drink coffee a lot ? According to U.S. study, caffeine might enhance certain memories for at least a day after they were formed. I would drink some coffee, if it really works fine. (Kazuma)


Let's talk little bit about Seafood today. Sashimi is thinly sliced and row food. Most types of sashimi should eat with soy sauce by dipping each piece before eating it. Depending on the type of sashimi, a little bit of wasabi or ground ginger may be added to the sashimi piece. I am going to list my favorite sashimi. Maguro (Tuna) Amaebi (Shrimp) Ikura (Salmon Roe) Uni (Sea Urchin) (Kazuma)



Huge snowstorms came through Osaka last weekend. Approximately 20 cm of snow was dumped on and several other cities reported record snowfall. (Kazuma)


Have you had Okonomiyaki in Japan ? Okonomiyaki is usually large pancakes made with diced seafood, meat, cabbage and other vegetables. Okonomiyaki roughly means "cook what you like," and you get to choose your own favorite.(Kazuma)


Have you had Takoyaki in Japan ? If you never had that yet, you should. Takoyaki is a very popular Japanese fast food snack which is made from grilled balls of batter with a small piece of octopus inside. They are originally from Osaka. I believe that every family in Osaka owns its own personal electric takoyaki grill !! (Kazuma)



There is a variety of Sake in Japan. I tried the local Sake of Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto. Why donft you try to find your favorite Sake when you visit Japan? Ifm sure you can find your favorite Sake!(YUKI)


Yes !! Finally we got medals at Sochi Winter Games... Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka earned their nationfs first medals and they are only teen snowboarders. I expected Shaun White was going to win, but he finished in 4th place. (Kazuma)


Aiko Uemura couldn't make it to podium in the womenfs moguls at the Sochi Games. She had a same situation in last time at Vancouver four years ago after placing seventh, sixth and fifth in her previous Olympic appearances. Hopefully she is not going to retire yet. (Kazuma)


I was talking about Shinkansen the other day, but there is also another Shinkansen called "Doctor Yellow". They are all painted with yellow. The trains have special equipments such as monitoring condition of the track. Unfortunately, you could barely see those yellow ones. (Kazuma)



Do you know the fasted train in Japan ? That high speed trains are called Shinkansen operated by Japan Railways. Running at speeds of up to approximately 320 km/h. The Shinkansen is known for punctuality comfort and safety. They only take 2hrs 30 mins from Osaka to Tokyo. Would you like to use air or Shinkansen ? (Kazuma)



Do you like Japanese cartoon ? Let me introduce my favorite one called "Doraemon". Those series are about a robotic cat who came from the 22nd century to help a kid called Nobota. Doraemon is just a perfect robot and has a four-dimensional pocket from which any tool of Draemon comes out. If you never seen this, check this out !(Kazuma)


When you go to a convenience store like Family Mart, Lawson, and Seven Eleven, you would find so many types of rice ball. Those are called "Onigiri or Omusubi" in Japan. Most people like it because they are compact and healthy. My favorite flavor is flaked salmon. What about you ?? (Kazuma)



Have you had Natto ? I like it when I east that in the morning with miso soup and rice. Some Japanese do not like it because of its strong smell and slimy texture. Natto is really good for your health. It is high in protein and contains large amounts of vitamin K. You should try someday !! (Kazuma)



Masahiro Tanaka is going to wear No.19 in his rookie season with the New York Yankees. He agreed a 7-year, $155 million on Wednesday. Do you know how many consecutive wins he had last year ? Hopefully he is going to pitch in an opening game.(Kazuma)


Have you had traditional Japanese food called Zoni ? We usually eat those on New Year's holiday. It just looks like Miso soup, but rice cake should be on it. There are some types of Zoni that vary region to region (Kazuma)



Do you remember when Hideo Nomo came to the United States ? He had a first win with using his special tornado pitching against New York Mets in 1995. Now he got into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame. (Kazuma)



Have you got Otoshidama from someone ? Otoshidama is one of Japanese custom that adults give money to the kids of close friend and relatives during few days of new year. You usually fold the bills and put it in a special small envelope. I'm getting old, it's my turn to give some money...(Kazuma)


I am looking forward to see a movie " Escape Plan". There are 2 famous actor in this movie. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are going to try to escape from the high secured prison. Hopefully I get to see soon. (Kazuma)



Do you like cars made in Japan. There is a car I love the most. It is Nissan Skyline GT-R which is also called "HAKOSUKA". Hako meaning eBox shapef and Suka being short for eSkylinef in Japanese. As rare and special as they are getting harder and harder to find (Kazuma)



Yesterday was Coming-of-Age Day which honors young people who have reached the age of 20as new members of society. They attend the local ceremony wearing beautiful FURISODE , it' a kind of kimono.You can find them around city every year! (Yuki)

Coming of Age Day


Have you seen these decoration in front of a Japanese house between the end of year and the beginning of new year ? It's called "KADOMATSU" that originally came from China. We believe that gods live in KADOMATSU and give us better happiness in the coming new year. (Kazuma)



when I was a kid I had tons of Tamagotchi which is tiny egg shaped virtual pet. Now there is going to set to hit the shelves of European and North America 2014. When you have Tamagotchi, you would have toy character to nurture to maturity. (Kazuma)



HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many Japanese visit a shrine on the new Year's Day.Especially, Ise Grand shrine became more popular in 2013, becouse of constraction of a new shrine and transfer of enshined object from the old ti the new. I'm sure you can enjoy sacred atmosphere.(Yuki)


There is a big Christmas tree at the New York City Rockefeller Center. The tree has been lit for the holiday season. That 23 meter tree has 45,000 multicolored LED lights. (Kazuma)


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